Produce your own wedding documentary…

Traditionally, wedding videos have served as back-up to the photography, little more than static recordings of the ceremony that rarely get seen. Instead, they could be cinematic, archival documents to be enjoyed by generations! How cool would it be to have a feature documentary of your parents’ or loved ones’ courtship and marriage? It could feature interviews of them as individuals (how they met, their engagement) and as a couple (reliving the rehearsal, preparations, ceremony, toasts and reception). We’re always excited to work with free-thinking couples of all walks of life who celebrate their commitment, while creating something to last.

You have the opportunity to purchase all of the raw HD footage for use in whatever capacity you choose. You reserve exclusive rights to your footage, though we reserve the right to feature the project in our company portfolio. We provide you with both playable DVDs as well as data files for uploading online. Though we are based in Seattle, we are available to work on projects virtually anywhere in the U.S., either as consultants or in full-production capacity. We work with budgets both large and small.

Example Work

‘Nick & Katie’ is a 37 minute documentary on Nick Horton and Katie Shapiro’s courtship and marriage. The piece is a behind-the-scenes look at how they met, their engagement, and the subsequent wedding rehearsal, barn-dance, preparations, ceremony, toasts and reception.

Featured Offbeat Bride Videographer

‘Offbeat Empire Reception’ is a 2 1/2 minute welcome to the first ever Offbeat Empire reception. The Offbeat Empire is an online network catered to nontraditional women working their way through the traditional passages of life — creating a home, finding a partner, and starting a family.

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